Nvidia Shield, a prime streaming set-up box

This is an article about Nvidia Shield and the features included with this set-up box.

If we are going to evaluate the quality, the Nvidia Shield is a prime streaming set-up box to utilize with IPTV. There are other options available on the market for a cheaper price that worth mentioning, however, If you are in need for a 4K video streaming device that can support some of your favorite games, this set-up box is the ideal addition to your entertainment world.


  • 4K active HDR streaming
  • A Gaming+Streaming device
  • Google Assistant/Home integration


  • The controller isn & rsquo;t console - quality like a PS4 controller
  • A little expensive for a 4K streaming device


The Nvidia Shield is one of the most loved streaming devices available on the market.

It's exceedingly updated towards the original version of the video game based streaming device, which released in the market a few years ago.

So if you have doubts about purchasing this amazing streaming machine,now is the time to obtain it.

Nvidia Shield

Before starting the review, let's give a short demonstration for those who are not yet familiar with this fantastic set-up box.

The $199 4 k capable, HDR video streaming device has been developed by a company which is well known for its amazing graphics cards for computers and consoles.

It's one of the most robust streaming set-up boxes available on the market which also offers a gaming feature. It has the capability to stream your favorite TV shows and to play Android TV and some console-quality games with the help of GeForce Now.

Ultimately, while different streaming devices might make you want to have a Bluetooth controller in order to genuinely enjoy the video games, such as Apple TV, Nvidia Shield appears with a thoroughly re - designed controller that operates much greater than it did before.

It has its weaknesses,but at the end, the Nvidia & rsquo;s Shield TV has plenty on offer to satisfy even the most faithful of unbelievers to give this smallset - up box a try.


The Appearances

When you imagine a streaming and gaming set-up box you might call to mind a smooth, horizontal rectangle no more than an inch or two high.

Nvidia abstained conventional design many years ago and has produced its own unique style for the Shield which is not round neither flat, but an intriguing mix of crisscrossing lanes, unique slants, and firm edges.

This new model is slightly smaller than the older model. Nvidia Shield offers a Gigabit Ethernet, HDMI 2.0a and two USB 3.0 ports. however, the box is compatible with 802.11ac Wi-Fi which is excellent for 4K streaming.

The small size really makes the console smaller than the inserted controller, which is something that has been updated in the newer versions.

Nvidia Shield newer versions

 The 2017 Nvidia Shield controller is less heavy than its forerunner and much more rectangular. The cover of the controller is shielded in a triangle design that, in fascinating ways, causes the controller to be more comfortable to hold in your hand. While the newest controllers removed the touchpad, you can still see a stacked-in microphone on each and every controller. That’s managed, among other purposes, to initiate Google Assistant – a Siri substitute made for Android devices.

Nvidia announces that the controllers are evaluated for about 60 hours of battery life, but didn & rsquo;t mention if that number is for actual use or standby.The controller switches itself off following a period of use to store power so it & rsquo;s kind of difficult to tell how long it can last on one charge.Each and every Nvidia Shield will soon ship with including a basic remote controller, something that used to be an arbitrary accessory for free.



How does Nvidia Shield manage to work with all these applications? In a brief answer, quite great. Certainly, streaming is much more compatible when working with a wired connection to your router, however, the set-up box offers a surprisingly stable HD playback over Wi-Fi.

Nvidia Shield  Specification

 Now, if you really want to see the real potential and power of this amazing set-up box, we highly recommend plugging it into a wired connection while using an HDR 4k TV.

Plus, as a new feature, this time around is the capability to stream in 4 K resolution from your mobile device on your Nvidia Shield.

The Audio specs on Shield support pass-through of 5.1 and 7.1 audio and passes an outstanding surround sound experience. It additionally supports Dolby Digital (AC3), Dolby Digital Plus (E-AC3), Dolby Atmos, DTS-X and DTS Core Audio Streams in pass-through mode.

Smart Home Integration

 The Nvidia Shield did always intend to be something deeper than a mere game console or streaming device. The design of the console Nvidia Shield was meant to be a hub for the home entertainment, one that could not only answer questions through Google Assistant yet truly control your smart home by Samsung SmartThings. What enables Google Assistant so unique on the Shield is that it’s constantly listening to you by the microphone which is applied to the controller.

Smart Home Integration

Among Google Assistant and Samsung SmartThings, the Shield has displayed a satisfactory smart home device which one that rivals Google Home or the Amazon Echo, mostly because it uses some of the greatest technology of both.

Positive Aspects

Nvidia really built everything from the bottom. It might not be a complete revamp, but a 40% decrease in measurement and a comprehensive retooling of the controller are absolutely great moves in the correct direction.

On the other hand, the Nvidia Shield is an enjoyable micro gaming console.It might not be qualified to operate the newest retail release on its own, but it surely can stream it of a PC using GameStreaming or recommend some of the slightly earlier titles on GeForce Now or through Android.The collection of titles will amaze you, even if you & rsquo;re adopted to having larger convenient choices.

Negative Aspects

In terms of the price point of view, we wished the Shield was a little bit lower in price than it already is.It & rsquo;s at this critical price point that makes it hard to justify to someone who might be choosing among this and, say for example a Roku device and PlayStation 4. Going with the Roku conserves cash while the PlayStation 4 adds extra features Which you can 't find on an Nvidia Shield Device.

But furthermore, there are still a few downsides that wreck a nearly primitive streaming set-up box. GeForce Now is much enhanced but game streaming isn’t precisely perfect if you’ve got a slow internet connection. Furthermore, the controller is a tremendous step forward but still appears like a third-party game controller. These issues are insignificant and shouldn’t prevent you from buying.


Nvidia Shield is much enhanced but it’s remarkably the improvements that have been made to Android set-up box that stands out among others. Revamping the universal search to be more sound was a huge step forward, and the forthcoming addition of Google Assistant is definitely a must have for your home entertainment devices.